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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Excuse Me While I Brush My Shoulders Off

Now, I realize this post isn't about mountain biking per se, but if I don't brag just a little about this latest accomplishment, I'll drown in my own self-depreciating thoughts. It was this girl's second triathlon, and my first on-road race! God, was this intense! So much powerful energy felt from everyone in attendance. The race was a 200 yard pool swim, a 17.5 mile bike ride, and 3.5 mile run, both up GRUELING hills in Fletcher, NC.  Had so much fun doing it, though! Boyfriend Reed was amazing for waking up at 6:30 am with me just to be my videographer.  And I wouldn't have slash couldn't have done this tri if it weren't for Sycamore Cycles in Hendersonville, Y'all are the greatest. :)

I came in 48th out of 75! Not worth saying I was first in my age category because...well, I was the only one in that category. The best time was one hour and 14 minutes. Mine was 1:48:14. I got room to grow, yet.

This is the closest I will ever get to "vlogging" (video-blogging), so enjoy it while it lasts.
(or, hey, if you'd rather see me suffer instead of reading it eloquently put later on through written text, let me know! Maybe it could be a regular thing...?)

LPC Triathlon, 2013 from Jamie Martina on Vimeo.

Next up on my racing calendar is the Short Track in Hendersonville. The competitions are 20- and 30-minute rides around the trails in Jackson Park for category 1, 2, and 3 racers, as well as a race in the beginning for the hardcore kiddos! I did a short video on one of them from last month that you can see here.

THEN it's triathlon #2! September 14th, Mountain Medley is happening again. My first time doing a triathlon was this race last year and it was SO MUCH FUN. The run is on-road and on relatively flat ground, the mountain bike ride is on some pretty rugged trails in Camp Green Cove, and the swim couldn't be nested in a more scenic place. I'm doing the Olympic distance (800 meter swim, 10K MTB ride & 10K run) or there's a shorter race with those distances halved. I caaaaan't wait to school my time from last year. Look out for more on that event in the coming weeks!

Thanks for reading and watching!

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